Noordung Electra VR
One of the design goals of the Noordung Electra VR was to have a SCI-FI external look.


Our first public use simulator was the MiG-21bis leased to Noordung Center.  The story continued in 2018 when we were commissioned to design and build a special simulator for them. This order was a sign that the experience with the MiG-21bis simulator was a good one and commercially successful.

What was new for us. The order brief was very open: build something SCI-FI that young people can learn geography with while enjoying themselves. This was our first open contract, where the customer trusted us so much, that we had received only the general outlines and the mission of the final product and the rest was left to us. This is the result delivered to them only two months after the order:

Work in progress Noordung VR
The Noordung VR work in the AFormX shop at final assembly.


The Noordung VR simulator uses a X-ALPHA as a basis, it is mechanically upgraded to provide a SCI-FI look and feel. But the real added value of the simulator are the software upgrades that make flying in low earth orbit possible. It provides youngsters with a superlative immersive experience while learning geography. It is also a great selfy spot.

Low earth orbit
Low earth orbit in VR is the best place to learn geography.
Initial tests
One of the keys to deliver the Noordung VR in just two months was the concurrent work on different areas. Here the low Earth orbit software development is being tested, while the airframe is still under heavy modifications.


We have received a further compliment in 2020, when the simulator was featured in a TV commercial for Novi Triglav Skladi as a symbol of technological advance. See the video here.

Noordung VR - a symbol for advanced technology
The Noordung VR is an attractive visual symbol representing futuristic technology.

We were commissioned in 2021 to upgrade the simulator with new generation of photorealistic terrain and new experience scenarios.