FlyZmaj does not frighten your guest. At first glance, FlyZmaj is easy to fly. There are no complicated controls, buttons or complex instruments, as with other flight simulators. The simulator control rod is easy to operate.

As FlyZmaj is usually crowded, your guests observe the intense and positive reactions of other guests, who are flying the simulator at the time, while waiting.

Entering the simulator is easy and suitable for a very wide age group (7 to 70 years). The simulator is designed so that access is also possible with a wheelchair.

The experience starts high above the current geographical location of the simulator. In a minute, the guest adjusts to the VR googles and, with the help of the operator, finds out how easily FlyZmaj is controlled. The flying is very intuitive because the steering column is moving back and forth and left-right. This is not so different from the balance of the bicycle.

Pilot view in FlyZmaj
Pilot view in the FlyZmaj VR simulator

After a minute or two, your guest begins to recognize the terrain around him/her. With the help of the operator, he/she recognizes the surroundings and local sights. In this way, he gains a broader overview from a bird’s eye view and thus learns about and places local geography.

In this part, the experience is already very intense. When inspecting the terrain below, your guest turns his/her head and gets a sense of height. There is also a very strong sense of movement enhanced by the suspended seat.

The dramaturgical arc of the experience ends with a low flight and an attempt of landing. There, the VR illusion of speed and height is extremely strong.

Most people thus end their experience with a shout of excitement while landing. When they take off their VR goggles, they need a few seconds to remember that they are in a simulator and that flying was not realistic. They are usually in a chair for another minute or so, so that the illusion of movement disappears.

Landing and re-adjusting to reality is the best possible advertisement for your next guest already waiting in line.


FlyZmaj is a tool that attracts your guests to your location, keeps them there longer, or compensates for the current absence of other activities (e.g. due to bad weather). It is also an exceptional promotional tool, which enables you to present your bussiness at fairs, events, or other locations.

The dimensions of the FlyZmaj flight simulator are shown in the sketch below. FlyZmaj only needs one 220 V socket to operate. For regular maintenance and upgrades, it is extremely useful to have FlyZmaj connected to a Wi-FI network. FlyZmaj is not intended for long-term outdoor use.

FlyZmaj size
Dimensions of the FlyZmaj VR simulator

FlyZmaj is mobile. It is designed to be easily disassembled into pieces that can be transported by a smaller van. Disassembling or assembling FlyZmaj flight simulator on site takes about 15 minutes. It takes two people to do that.

The mobility of FlyZmaj is extremely important, as it allows you to quickly move the simulator from location to location. Also, with this tool, you as a host can promote your bussiness at fairs or other presentations in an attractive, intensive and modern way.

FlyZmaj needs an operator to operate. This is a level of student work and can be done by any computer literate individual. One of the best practices we had learned in the process is that one operator manages two simulators or the operator has some other function within the organization.

The simulator has no daily operation limit. The operator prepares the FlyZmaj for operation in five minutes.

We can adjust the length of the experience for your guest. The minimum experience is 5 minutes and the longest suggested is 15 minutes. The recommended experience is 10 minutes of which there is about 7 minutes of flying.

FlyZmaj has a two-year warranty. The estimated lifespan of the simulator is 5 years. With the right upgrades (increasingly better VR goggles and refined experience) and updates, the lifespan is extended by well over 10 years.

The simulator requires no additional maintenance in addition to cleaning and care in use.


The price of a 10-minute experience for your guest is 9 EUR plus VAT. If the cost of the simulator operator is 10 EUR / hour and the simulator works 8 hours a day with 60% utilization, 250 days per year, this means 30 guests per day and 7500 per year.

In this case, the simulator is paid out in the first year and a profit of EUR 158,000 is generated over a period of five years.

Fill out the contact form here if you want us to send you an Excel spreadsheet where you can create your own bussiness model.


Basic version of the simulator: 18,000 EUR plus VAT

The basic version includes the entire simulator. In addition, we adapt the FlyZmaj flight simulator to your location with:

  • Three different scenarios. This means that your guest can choose three starting points where the flight begins, therefore three completely different experiences. These starting points are limited to the immediate vicinity (30 km) from the actual location of the FlyZmaj flight simulator.
  • The basic version of the FlyZmaj flight simulator also contains modeling and placement of five objects that you would like to highlight in the simulation.
  • We adapt the FlyZmaj flight simulator to your corporate image with stickers and printed fabric of the kite model on top of the simulator

Additional options:

  • 1200 EUR plus VAT – FlyZmaj with VIVE PRO VR googles.
  • 1000 EUR PLUS VAT – FlyZmaj with orthophoto photorealistic terrain * (based upon availability).
  • A fully customized experience or any additional functionalities are subject to additional offer.
Objects in the simulation
We can create any custom object in the simulation.

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