FlyZmaj is a flight simulator with VR goggles that your guests can fly over your tourist destination. Use it to attract your guests in larger numbers, keep them longer, or offer them an extra experience. The FlyZmaj simulator will pay you back your investment in less than a year.

FlyZmaj VR simulator

In 2021, only experiences in which we are actively participating are interesting. This is exactly what FlyZmaj offers.

Everyone from the youngest to the oldest can easily sit in FlyZmaj. They put on VR goggles and the operator who operates the simulator starts the simulation. Your guest first intuitively learns to control the simulator. The entire control is done with only one rod (forward-backward-left-right). One in the air, it is interesting for your guest because he/she sees your destination from a different perspective. The operator can alert him/her to other local attractions. The closer the visitor gets to the ground, the more adrenaline-fueled is the flight. It ends with a successful or unsuccessful landing. The whole experience typically takes 10 minutes.

The AFormX team has been developing and supplying flight simulators with VR goggles since 2016. We also received the Gold Award for Innovation of the Chamber of Commerce for VR simulators. In 2020, we designed the FlyZmaj, which is the friendliest and easiest flight simulator to use to date. Everyone will learn to fly it in less than a minute, then they will operate the flight with their own hands and feet. The simulator is loosely designed for kite flying.

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