We had started diligently building our Media page only from June 2021. So anything before that is lost in the vast universe of media content. But anything after that date is stored here. Enjoy!

November 2021

VR simulators as a channel for time travel

Flights into History presentation by Sašo Knez on the topic of how to use VR flight simulators as a channel for time travel

As part of the Danubes Archaeological e-Landscapes project, organized by the National Museum of Slovenia for curators, heritage managers and other interested individuals (so-called Mobility Actions Ljubljana), our director Sašo Knez had a presentation on how to use VR flight simulators as a channel for time travel (Flights into History).

See the full presentation here.

(50 minutes)

September 2021

Simulator X-ALPHA 200 is used by the Slovenian Armed Forces for Basic Flight Training.

The Slovenian Armed Forces train their perspective pilots using the ALPHA 200 VR flight simulator. (Screenshoot of the article featuring photo by Aljoša Kravanja on www.24ur.com)

An article about the Slovenian Armed Forces and its Flight School that uses the simulator X-ALPHA 200 for Basic Flight Training of their perspective pilots. AFormX develops, builds and supports the X-ALPHA 200 simulators around the world. Read more about the X-ALPHA simulator HERE.

You can read the full article HERE.

(5 minutes)

June 2021

Podjetno naprej - 2021


An interview with AFormX CEO- Sašo Knez – on the Slovene premier business show ”Podjetno naprej” by the Slovenian National Television (RTVSLO).

See the full show here.

(30 minutes)

June 2021

Ars Humana 2021


Interview on Radio Slovenia – artistic programme (ARS) about the Supermarine Spitfire project. Listen to the complete show here.(1 hour)